Steel Signs

From parking- & "Beware of the Dog"
signs to billboards...we use top quality materials to manufacture all our steel signs, so you don't have to buy a new one every couple of months.

Steel Cutout Signs

Logos and letters precision cut from hot rolled steel sheets, powder coated and then either finished off with reflective or non-reflective vinyl or DUCO spray painted according to your needs.

Light Boxes

All light boxes are manufactured from high quality aluminium, powder coated mild steel and Plexiglas, illuminated with LED modules or tubes to give you the best quality product that uses a fraction of the electricity of conventional light box signs.

Vinyl Stickers

Our printed vinyl stickers are printed on 5 - 7 year vinyl using the best quality ECO Solvent inks from the Roland DG Corporation to bring you reliable colour matching every time.

Brass Plaques

Brass plaques are a versatile type of signage. They are most often used for doctors, but its uses are endless. From trophies to name badges, brass is used widely due to its resistance to the elements and its neat finish.

Name Badges

From printed to engraved name badges, we do them all.

PVC Banners

Often ordered for events such as Church functions, marathons and for promotional reasons, PVC Banners are versatile and strong. Mostly used for non-permanent advertising, these PVC banners can withstand wind, rain and sunshine and it's light enough to put up and take down without any help.


Artists think of canvas as the thick material stretched over a wooden framework that they do paintings on...well...we don't paint your pictures on canvas, but we do print and mount them. Great for gifts or to jazz up your living room or office, mounted canvas prints look classy and stylish, they're light weight and they will definitely earn you some serious bragging rights!

Road Traffic Signs

We manufacture road traffic signs according to the specifications and guidelines of the SABS as well as temporary road traffic and road construction signs.

Plexiglas Signs

Plexiglas signs are often used inside buildings because the end product looks classy and neat and Plexiglas is a lot stronger than actual glass, so you don't have to tip-toe around your signs because you're nervous it might break.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is an essential part of maintaining your business presence in the outside world and we will make sure that your branding is done in a way that you can be proud of.

Sandblast Vinyl

Ever wanted to have your glass doors sandblasted but you're afraid that you might get bored with it after a while? No need to worry, let us do your sandblasting in vinyl for you...that way you can remove it whenever you want to change it.

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