Number Plates

What we need

We will need the following when you order number plates:

SA ID Document / Smart Card
Vehicle Registration Documents
The size of the number plates

Why do we need this?

Your Name, Surname, ID Number and vehicle registration details are recorded in a ledger.

The SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) require us to keep the ledger with all recorded information.

What do we do with your personal information?

Absolutely nothing!

Now you might be wondering why the ledger is kept in the first place. Allow us to explain:

In the event that a crime is committed, the SAPS communicate with the SABS, trace the manufacturer of the number plates and once the manufacturer is identified, a court order is issued for the records to track the person who bought the number plates.

So, we don't sell, trade or give your private information to anyone other than the Police if they have a court order telling us to hand the information over.
Furthermore, we don't keep copies of your private documentation. You take it all with you when you walk out with your number plates...yes, we pride ourselves in the fact that we manufacture your number plates while you wait. So no need to plan a day trip to have your number plates made.